Ceara Lynch

Slave Meat

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Clip length: 00:08:33
Posted: 09/16/2018
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Category: Vore

There’s no delicacy I can resist more than a meaty slave. I’ve captured a tasty man and tied him up in my basement to torment him before I feed on his juicy body. Your fear and adrenaline will make your meat taste so much better. Mmmmm, my mouth salivates looking at you, my tummy grumbling for the flesh of a man. I keep a special set of knives for preparing the meat of my slaves. Wearing my latex gloves and masks helps with cleaning up after I've finished cutting you up into tasty bite-size pieces. I’ll filet your skin, suck on your bl00dy muscles, licking my lips of all the fatty juices from your bones. Most importantly, is sinking my teeth into your chewy meaty cock! Don’t be scared, no one will even miss you because no one loves you in this world. This will give your life more value, feeding a divine Goddess so she can continue her monstrous feasting on more worthless men.