Goddess Christina

Slave Life: Never Fuck Again

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Clip length: 00:10:08
Posted: 03/28/2017
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Category: Femdom POV
Secondary categories:
Dehumanization , Sub Training , Orgasm Control , Embarrassment , Female Domination

You and pussy aren’t meant to be. It’s the simple truth. The best thing for a loser like you is the slave life. You need to bow down before me and worship my perfection. The perfection that you will never have. You need to hear how pathetic and weak you are. How you don’t deserve pussy. The truth turns you on. You need a superior Goddess who controls your worthless cock. It doesn’t matter how cruel I am to you. This is your reality. You’re meant to be alone. You’re not meant to have a love life. No sex for you. Only masturbating and worshiping. The life of a slave.

Fetishes: Femdom POV, Slave Training, Sub Training, Orgasm Control, Verbal Humiliation, Female Domination