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Slave Girl Worships My Sweaty Feet

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Posted: 12/28/2018
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Category: Foot Worship
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Foot Humiliation , Lesbian Domination , Femdom POV

I return home from a nice long skate on this hot summer day.  I immediately summon My slave girl to remove My rollerblades from My tired, achey, and VERY SWEATY feet.  I must’ve covered 15+ miles on My skate today… and boy My feet are RIPE. As soon as she removes My rollerblades I instruct her to bury her face in My drenched socks. I make her sniff, over and over.  Then I have her remove My socks and worship My feet.  She kisses My soles, sniffs in between My toes, and she’s loving every second of it.  Watch as slave girl indulges in these perfect sweaty feet of Mine. Watch… and be jealous… be VERY jealous.