Ceara Lynch

S****r Nurse Circumcision

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Posted: 03/06/2019
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Ever since I became a nurse and moved out of my parents’ house, my *** has been calling me everyday about health advice. Usually it’s about woman issues or something minor with d***y, but this time she wanted to talk about a serious issue with my b*****r. Apparently him being an uncircumcised adult is extremely uncomfortable and that his foreskin is too tight for his erections. I understand why he wouldn’t ask me himself because he’s probably embarrassed having to tell his own big s****r about his painfully trapped cock. While I do agree with the doctor about the procedure, I also am aware how difficult the process and recovery is for men. So I tell my *** “everything” she needs to know to ensure that my b*****r gets circumcised. You see, even though I am medical professional, my b*****r has always been a big asshole to me. If only he had been nicer to me growing up instead of a stupid jerk... I just couldn’t help myself from giving her all the information that would actually make my brother’s circumcision as miserable as possible.

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