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Sissy Costume Contest

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Posted: 07/17/2017
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Category: Sissy Training
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Feminization , Gay , Forced Fem , Bi Humiliation

We are going to a costume party and need a 3rd girl to dress as a super hero in some sexy pantyhose heels to complete our trio. One of our friends cant make it, so we were hoping you could play the part. You dont mind to dress up like a girl do you? Im sure no one will notice... actually now that I see the pantyhose on you and those little booty shorts, your ass looks great... you look hot! We are going to call you Nikki ok? Just play along. Maybe some handsome guy will want you to suck his cock while we are there. Wouldnt that be funny. No matter what tho, you have to play along ok? You don't actually have a choice, because if you dont do it, we will out you for being a sissy dressed up like a girl and everyone will laugh. Besides, you probably WANT to suck some big fat cock since yours isnt all that. LOL

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