Ceara Lynch

Sis Is Ruining My Life

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Posted: 03/23/2018
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Category: Female Domination

Your s!ster is such a bitch! I’ve been spreading rumors around school about you having a small dick, but that’s only one of the humiliating this she has done so far. It seems like I’m always finding some new pervy fetish of yours I can’t help but share with all our friends. Too bad you just can’t stay mad at me because you secretly have a crush on your own s****r. I know how hot I am and how easy it is to tease you and drive you crazy. As if being tormented by your s****r wasn’t enough, now she’s blackmailing you. You’ve just started a new job and I know you wouldn’t want these rumors to get to your employer. I’d hate for you to lose all that money you’ve worked so hard to earn. I know so many disgusting things about you, so if you want me to stop sharing all your deepest darkest secrets then all your paychecks belong to me now.