Mistress Salem

Sin for D***y's Dick Slutty Poppers JOI 2

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Posted: 09/04/2018
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Mindfuck , Masturbation Instruction , Masks , Cum Eating Instruction , Strap-On

you will SIN for D***y's dick!!! you will sin for Mistress, you love giving yourself over to My devilish ways letting Me in giving Me control of you...I know you're sniffing for Me & I want you to do it just how I say, just how I like. D***y wants you to take dick. My cock is so big & beautiful on My strap-on, over My shiny latex bodysuit & matching latex mask, fur jacket...you have ALWAYS wanted to forsake it all for D***y's dick & give in to the ultimate sin! Watch how My cock glides in My hands before I make you open your mouth wide & suck it. Sniff like I say- D***y doesn't fuck around & I want you as fucked up  as possible when you suck My cock! I plunge it deep into your mouth telling you just how I like you to suck it. I get you higher for Me & My cock...you can't resist. Now I'm going to make you edge yourself for Me while you watch Me fuck My hand with this beautiful dick, counting out rounds of edging & stroking that you must keep up with while continuing to sniff ...



Think about all the things I want to do to you with this cock, keep sniffing while I fantasize out loud, My long legs spread, shiny high heels in the air with My beautiful Mistress dick... I make you spit on your fingers & play around with your asshole while you worship My ass & imagine the feeling of D***y's dick plunging deep into your ass...you want it, this makes you want it more. I count out more rounds of edging, brainwash you to love cock, mindfuck you into desperately craving My cock & My cum!! See that's the thing- MY MISTRESS COCK CUMS SO MUCH & IT'S SO POWERFUL THAT I HAVE MULTIPLE ORGASMS!



I love to make you edge over & over while I grind My ass & stroke My Goddess cock, converting you to a true believer, making you sniff as much as you can handle until you're weak & powerless under My control, your tongue dripping with excitement...Spreading My legs wide I taunt you, spit on My cock, get you higher & make you edge all the way to the brink as if you were sitting right on My lap getting fucked! Don't you dare cum- you don't want to disappoint Me! you may ONLY cum after all of My edging challenges & you must swallow & lick up every drop of My cum to show Me just how bad you want it!



When My cock is finally so hungry to cum that I can't stand teasing you & your slave cock anymore it's time for us both to cum- first, more inhales for Me... then it's time for My cock to explode right when you are peaking, zooming, so fucked up desperate for D***y's cock. I fuck your mouth & stroke My cock until I explode while you finally let yourself explode in your hand- all the while imagining My cock filling your ass. My cum shoots out everywhere & you lick up every drop of it from My cock & off the latex bed...all of the cum goes into your mouth & we are BOTH satisfied...or have you satisfied D***y's dick truly???



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