Ceara Lynch

Shrimp Dick Revenge

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Posted: 01/31/2018
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Category: Small Penis Humiliation

Getting dumped always sucks, but when it comes to you, nothing made me happier. I was so happy when my good girlfriend of mine finally dropped her loser boyfriend after 6 months. To be honest, I just couldn’t stand him, so I'm really enjoying seeing you so miserable. She told me that after the first night you guys fucked, that you were smaller than her pinky. I’m surprised you even lasted so longwith her wasting all those months feeling sexually frustrated. I convinced her that she deserves more than you, someone better. Better man and a better cock. And that’s exactly what I did. I hooked her up with one of my hot ex boyfriends, and they all have a reputation for their giant dicks. Just face it, your shrimp dick was useless for her, and now I get to tell you about how happy she is getting fucked by a real man!