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Show It To Your Wifes Friend

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Posted: 06/22/2017
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Your wife's friend comes over to meet up with you guys to go out but unfortunately your wife hasn't made it home yet. You find out thru conversation with her sexy milf friend, Ashley, that your wife has told all of her friends about your small problem. That's right, you have a tiny dick and your wife isn't satisfied. Ashley tells you that your wife is probably out fucking someone with a nice cock instead of running behind at work. You admit that you think Ashley is sexy and that you are embarrassed but Ashley wants to see this micro cock. You finny work up the courage to show her and she feels sorry for you to the point she lets you look at her and jerk it. To make it even better, her pity makes her want to show you her big round tits to help. Humiliated AND turned on at the same time makes you cum so much (or as much as a little cock can.) haha.