Goddess Sapphire

Short Man Bad Date Gossip

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Posted: 06/16/2019
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Category: Humiliation
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Lingerie , Tease & Denial , Goddess Worship , Femdom POV , Voyeur

I had to call My best friend to tell Her about My recent blind date! I had high hopes for My date but when he showed up I immediately wanted to laugh. I immediately realized that agreeing to this blind date was a huge mistake because this man was at least a foot shorter than Me. I was embarrassed to be seen in public with this weak ass man. I could tell that the moment he saw me, he felt super intimidated by My beauty and height. I loved it. I figured I would at least try to get a free meal out of this loser so I decided to stay regardless of how humiliated I felt being seen with this fool. However, I soon found out that not only was this idiot short, pathetic, weak, and desperate, he was BROKE! This tiny idiot couldn’t even afford to pay for the dinner bill! I had fun humiliating him on the date, though. I loved how pathetic he felt! My friend was laughing throughout the entire phone call as I told Her about this stupid short loser!