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Short Guy Humiliation POV

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Posted: 01/19/2018
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Boots , Brunette , Goddess Worship , Boot Domination

**** Custom Clip**** POV Clip. You start off the scene in bare feet staring up at the camera which represents a 5’11 man. You remark how tall he is at first but then tell him you are being sarcastic. You say that he is not that tall at all and that it is time to cut him down to size. You then produce the massive boots you had in the “Coerced Intox New Game!” video and put them on. I would estimate that you are about 5'7 so in those boots you tower over the 5’11 man and really rub his face in it, taunting him on how he is suddenly not so tall. You continue to taunt him and then order him to kiss your feet, which he does. You then shove him onto his back, looking upwards. You step on him and everything goes black.