Lady Dee

Shoe Slave Duties: Lick My Vans Clean

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Clip length: 00:05:37
Posted: 10/23/2016
File size: 612.02 MB
Category: Foot/Shoe Fetish
Secondary categories:
Licking , Dirty Feet/Shoes , Femdom POV

**This is a custom clip with no name used**

Custom Request: "If time permits as you're describing my duties as a shoe slave and as you describe if I'm good or bad it would be nice to see inside at least one of your vans and also see your feet. So when I'm bad I'd be your doormat and you and your girlfriends could use me as a doormat and clean your sneakers and stomp all over my body and face (I don't know if your girlfriends wear vans or converse but maybe for the sake of the video you would describe that they do?) and maybe you could like pretend to stomp on the camera showing the vans soles a couple of times. The whole time describing you all are laughing and needing clean sneakers as you look down on me as a pathetic slave. Then if I'm good you say good slaves get rewarded and are given the honor of smelling the inside and/or cleaning the holy feet within the shoes. This is where you can tease with a view inside the shoe. Something like that. I'd prefer you put the vans back on and say "but you have to earn that now get to work you pathetic loser" If time permits. The theme is something of im your slave but you know how much I love your sneakers and you use that against me for your amusement."

Clip Contains: foot fetish, shoe licking, sneaker fetish, dirty shoes, slave training, humiliation, femdom pov, foot domination