Kelle Martina

Shameful Secret

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Posted: 01/06/2019
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Category: Humiliation
Secondary categories:
Brat Princess , Dehumanization , Femdom POV , Embarrassment

You walk into the bedroom of your uncle and your aunt. Both are in their fifties. Your uncle is a revolting fat man. Your aunt is short, fat and has huge breasts and an huge ass. They are both puritans who regard every form of sex as the ultimate evil. Every time you visit them they simply can't stop talking about the dangers of "sex and other perversions". You hate them.

To your extreme surprise you find them in a complex self-bondage set up:

They are both completely naked, chained to each other, fat belly to fat belly.

Their hands are chained above their heads to an overhead beam.

The keys to their release are frozen in a block of ice dangling from the same beam.

Apparently they planned to be in bondage for many hours.

They both have a butt plug stuck in their anus with a rubber hose connected to it.

The hoses are connected to an electronic valve that is attached to a truly enormous enema bag.

The display on the electronic valve says "random timer".

There is a remote control lying on a side table.

It has two buttons: Open and Close.

Your uncle and aunt's heads are strapped face to face in a leather harness.

Their tongues are clamped together with some evil looking metal clamps.