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Sexy Pedal Pumping Stranded at the Mall While Shopping - Mercedes Won't Start!

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Posted: 06/24/2018
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Damsel in Distress , Cranking , High Heels , Legs

The weather's been so hot so I decided to wear my floral mini dress / romper paired with my shiny black strappy heels to go downtown and spend all of your hard-earned money. Sadly, before I could even get a chance to buy myself new heels, I began to experience some unexpected car trouble due to the rising heat. Watch me get frustrated, scared, worried and angry as I repeatedly attempt to get my Mercedes Benz running again by pumping the pedal over and over, cranking the ignition and trying to figure out what's wrong with my car. I even looked all around the car, popped the hood but I just couldn't figure it out. You see, I don't know anything about cars since my slaves do all of the car maintenance for me anyways. Over time, my lean and perfect sexy muscular legs and highly arched feet get shiny from sweating and over heating.