Sexy Enema on the Bathroom Floor and Toilet

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Posted: 03/30/2017
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Body Functions , Belly , Medical Fetish

I found an old enema video from a year ago and got super turned on watching it back so I decided to edit and share it with you!

I was in a hotel bathroom and taking an enema on the bathroom floor but I must have been feeling so turned on that I writhed and wriggled on the floor, touching myself all over as the tube in my ass filled my belly with water. I rolled from one sde to the other, feeling my stomach fill and stretch as I do so. You can see my belly swell with warm soapy water and watch my exression change as the feeling goes from hot and arousing and just plain desperate... the urge is there!

I rush to the toilet, unable even to get my camera down from the hook on the door first, so you see a birds-eye view of me sitting on the toilet to let out all that water from my bowels. My evacuation is noisy as there was a lot of gas inside of me and it comes out in a few loud blasts. My loud, wet, bubbly farts are SUPER embarrassing! I clutch my belly as I help it empty out. I look content and happy with myself as my enema draws to a close. Man, I miss filming enema videos - I think I need to get the enema bag out again...

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