Ceara Lynch

Sexy Edging JOI

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Clip length: 00:11:19
Posted: 01/14/2019
File size: 827.21 MB
Category: Orgasm Control

Nothing on this planet can keep you away from me. You can’t help yourself because at the end of the day, I control you. My power is so strong it draws you back to me every time. Try to resist, you can’t beat the urge to be owned by me. I don’t blame you, I know you better than anyone in this world. Even your loved ones don’t know what you truly need to be happy. You live for my commands, to praise and worship my every essence. All you want is to submit and give me control of that cock, teasing your head, edging you closer, and leaving you begging for more. Just a brainless stroking slave, your mind captured like my perfect legs wrapped in fishnets. You always promise to break your addiction, yet here you are again… back for more.

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