Ceara Lynch

Sexual Harassment

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Posted: 07/27/2018
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Category: Chastity

What am I supposed to do when I find out one of my employees has been sexually harassing the women in my office? Firing him would be too nice because he’ll just move onto to another job and new victims to harass. I need to make an example of him, show him that it is not ok to trap women, whip your dicks out, and jerk in front of them. You will never be allowed to touch a single woman at work or else we will use our newfound powers and unite against you! We will tell the world of all your dirty secrets and perversions. Your f****y, your friends, even your wife will know what a disgusting sexual abuser you are because there are too many of us that have dirt on you. Times have changed, and women will no longer have to deal with the Harvey Weinsteins of the world abusing their power to take advantage of women. We will take control of any man that thinks it’s his RIGHT to grab our tits and ass, by eliminating the source of your male privilege and locking up your cock! #MeToo

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