Kelle Martina

Sex Masquerade

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Posted: 11/27/2018
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Category: Role Play
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Tease & Denial , Femdom POV , Cuckolding

The massive company you work for is having a secret little party – a masquerade where anyone can enjoy each other’s carnal company. You didn’t think you wife would let you go, but she started teasing you, stroking your cock, whispering in your ear, and you somehow agreed to let her come with you with the same rules; no strings, fuck as many people as you like at the party. The only rule is that you conceal your identity with a mask. Your wife is having way too much fun with this idea and decides to bet you that she will be able to fuck more people at the party than you will! The winner gets one night only with their favorite from the evening. Just remember you’re all hers and to enjoy yourself.

Enjoying anonymous sex at a companywide party.