Lyne Financial Dominatrix

sex life for a teeny clitty virgin

Price: $9.99
Clip length: 00:08:37
Posted: 11/08/2015
File size: 241.58 MB
Category: Small Penis Humiliation

Look at that thing… look at how TINY it is! It doesn't even deserve to be called a “dick”… it's a clitty! It's pathetic! Hot girls like Me want nothing to do with a tiny little clitty like that. Omg, I bet you're probably still a virgin aren't you? Of course you are! And the more I humiliate you, the more turned on you become… that clitty is growing to it’s full 2 inches, isn't it?! How do you even masturbate with that tiny little nub? I bet you even sit down when you p1ss too, don't you? Omg you do!! hahahaha! In this clip I create the perfect little sex life for a tiny little clitty bitch like you. Now go make yourself useful and thank Me for the privilege!

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