Ceara Lynch

Serving For Eternity

Price: $8.99
Clip length: 00:08:37
Posted: 02/12/2018
File size: 194.38 MB
Category: Goddess Worship

You made a valiant attempt to break my control over you, but still you are addicted to me and forever enslaved. You belong to me and will never be able to escape your lust for everything I do. Pad-locked, mind-fucked and completely owned. No matter what I tell you to do, no matter how humiliating the task, you are more than willing to demonstrate your submissiveness as my worshipping slave. One day I will have no more use for pathetic slaves and your worth in life will come to a crashing halt. All those years giving yourself to me, buying all my clips, and giving me your money month after month will all be for nothing. You wasted your entire life digitally owned by a woman that you will never meet. The collection of my videos you’ve amassed will help you remain my devoted servant for the rest of eternity.