Goddess Christina

Sensual Tease: Beat it to Perfection

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Posted: 04/12/2018
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Category: Masturbation Instruction
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Mesmerize , Tit Worship , Bikini , Goddess Worship , Cock Tease

Teased and toyed with… that’s what I do to you. The way I get in your head. How I affect that cock. Nothing compares. You must beat it. Beat that cock for me. Beat it as every ounce of resistance leaves you. Your obedience is demanded. Demanded by my every move. Demanded by my every word. You know who you must serve. You watch me as I torment you. Tease you about your movements, your stroking, your addiction. From the second you think of me up until the moment you see me… you feel my power. You desire me like no other. You desire to feel my body. You yearn for it! Yet all you can do is beat it. My heavenly presence takes you away. Beat it furiously in worship! Go to town as you are completely taken by me. My delicious, gorgeous, tight, tan body absolutely consumes you!