Mistress Sophia Sylvan

Sensual Spandex Domination

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Posted: 07/20/2018
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Category: Spandex
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JOI , Masturbation Instruction , Boots , Femdom POV , Boot Domination

You've been a good submissive, and it is time for your reward. I know your cock is twitching for release, and seeing me greet you in nothing but hot pink shiny spandex and thigh high vinyl boots has you aching. So strip down, and get down on the floor where you belong to jerk off. You need to remember your place even as you take your reward. I make it difficult for you to concentrate on stripping down as I flip onto my stomach, heels in the air, ass arched and looking back at you. My sensual power commands you, effortlessly. I don't need to yell or call you names or beat you to take control. You spread your legs and kneel for me, grateful for the privilege. I turn into doggystyle, my ass forming a perfect round shape, the seam of the spandex riding high up my ass, accentuating its peachy shape. You have free rein in this one for a change, my pet, you can climax whenever you please, to my glorious bottom, or to my open legs, perky breasts. You can get between my boots and worship my pussy as I rub myself to an orgasm while you do the same. Come back to this clip more than once and enjoy my encouragement and soft domination in a choose-your-own-adventure orgasm ;)