Ceara Lynch

Selfless Serving

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Posted: 12/18/2018
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Category: Mesmerize

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to completely devote yourself to me and serve a suprima Goddess. Surrender your life to me and you will live your days in heaven as my obedient boy. To serve and be on my beck and call whenever needed. Man’s place in this world is to serve women. A devoted slave like you deserves only the best Goddess worship. I’ll e******e you with my seductive voice and mesmerizing eyes, and you’ll never want to leave your servitude. I don’t need to coerce or threaten you because you are naturally drawn to me, to your new life as my servant. My voice a constant echo, chaining you to me. You crave to be willing and used, submitting to the most perfect example of femininity, beauty and grace. This is what you live for!

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