Worship Goddess Genevieve

Secretary Interview (Goddess Genevieve, of Genevieve Enterprises in disguise!)

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Posted: 03/20/2017
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Big Tits , Home Wrecker , Lipstick , Masturbation Instruction

In this scene, you are a CEO conducting an interview for your new Personal Executive Assistant. I’m the final candidate, and I’m dressed pretty conservatively, with my hair up in a bun and my thick, dark glasses hiding my eyes. You explain that this position is very important, and is much more than just being a regular secretary, because one of my main duties will be making sure that CEO Genevieve of Goddess Genevieve, Inc. never gets an appointment with you. You’ve heard she has the ability to somehow hipnotize male executives and make them turn over their companies to her, so you’re making sure to never have a meeting with her. You peruse my resume for a minute and then finally declare that while it’s impressive enough, it’s really just not up to your standards for your Personal Executive Assistant, so you really don’t know what else to tell me. I look disappointed, but then smile warmly and say “Well, that’s OK, I understand. But…why don’t you tell me if these are up to your standards?” And with that I unbutton my blouse to reveal my amazingly huge, mesmerizing breasts, instantly putting you into a hipnotic breast t****e! Unable to move, you can only stare helplessly as I remove my dark glasses and let my hair down, revealing myself to be CEO Genevieve all along! You silly male executives are so easy to trick and manipulate, and you fell right into my booby trap. Unable to tear your eyes away from my amazing executive rack, you are powerless to resist as I order you to drop your pants, kneel at my feet, and stroke your CEO cock for my incredible hipnotitties. You can’t disobey as I explain that you will be hiring me as your Executive Secretary after all, and then in two weeks you’ll decide to retire and will turn over your company to me. By then I’ll have hipno-titted your entire board of directors into submission as well, so the transition will go quite smoothly. As I count you down to a mind blowing orgasm that will leave you spent and quivering, you mindlessly obey my commands at each number and repeat back to me “You’re hired, Miss Genevieve!”, then “You’re my boss, CEO Genevieve!”, and finally “You own me, Goddess Genevieve!”, just like a good boy should. Now, my new little minion, put your owned dick away, then sign my hiring papers and go get me some coffee while I setup some meetings with your board of directors…