Kelle Martina

Seat for Sis

Price: $10.99
Clip length: 00:10:12
Posted: 12/24/2018
File size: 522.02 MB
Category: Humiliation
Secondary categories:
Panty Fetish , Big Butts , Femdom POV , Face Sitting , Ass Worship

It would be a bitchy big s****r facesitting clip. Basically, you decide to punish your little b*****r for ratting you out to your parents and sitting on his face and making him pass out is your favorite punishment.

It would have a size humiliation element to it, where he is too scrawny and weak to get you off of him and every now and then, just threaten the fart on his face. At the end, you finish him off by smothering him out one last time.