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ScissorSlave Stretching with ScissorQueen Contessa Zoe

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Posted: 01/17/2018
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Sub Training , Breath Play , Legs , Female Domination

If you don’t stretch and you don’t work on your breathing you won’t be able to push yourself for me. Do this at least once a week and you’ll notice a huge difference… This is a great way to show devotion to Me when you can’t be near, and to take care of yourself for Me.

To amuse me you have to stay strong, bendy, and work on your breathing. I talk about how I love scissoring + scissorholds and then instruct you through a small stretching exercise in the morning in my underwear on my yoga mat. Stretch for me and work on your breathing patterns to better survive my scissorholds. I know you want to serve Me on the regular and submit your neck and ribs to my legs… to be able to take more of my scissoring. Stretch your neck for me and fantasize about doing so in between my legs while I have my morning tea. :)

Contessa Zoe