Schoolgirl Socks

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Posted: 08/20/2017
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Curvy , School Girl , Redhead , Foot/Shoe Fetish

Hey, I know you missed my white knee high socks didn't you? Ever since I found out about your kink, I love teasing you with them after school. You can't resist my pristine (seeming) white socks paired with my innocent uniform, and my not-so-innocent mind. I lay on the bed, kicking my white Keds in the air, lifting my skirt to show my butt in panties. I remove my top and then slowly take off my sneakers. I caress my soft cotton socks, encouraging you to jerk for me and them. Then I cross my thick legs, posing, pointing my toes. I show you the dirty soles on my sweet socks, putting my feet in your face so you can take a sniff. Jerk it hard for me now, and fuck my socked soles like a pussy until you cum!