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Posted: 04/16/2015
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Your wife doesnt compare. She never has, she never will. Even when she was My age, she looked NOTHING like this. Youre here today because you want Me to take over your marriage. you want Me to ruin it, once and for all. Well I have the perfect plan for that. Take a long HARD look at Me. You know your wife doesnt matter. you know youre not HAPPY with that bitch. Look at Me and how happy you could be. Im going to make you ruin everything for Me. First youll start small stroking to My pictures regularly and saying My name out loud. I want you thinking of Me constantly completely focused on Me and My body. Ill get you so worked up that you have no other choice but to say My name at the most inopportune time. you cant have Me if you dont do exactly as I say. And lets face it, this is exactly what you want.

Topics include: home wrecking, tease & denial, edge play, edging, masturbation instruction, sensual domination, financial domination, and more. *Little to no humiliation*