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Safe Code Seduction ft Ceara Lynch

Price: $12.99
Clip length: 00:11:29
Posted: 10/03/2017
File size: 541.91 MB
Category: Home Wrecker
Secondary categories:
JOI , Strip Tease

*Custom* Clip Description: "I'm having my bachelor party at my huge mansion and you both show up pretending you're the strippers. In fact you're burglars wanting to steal from the safe I have at my bedroom. You make me get you to my bedroom to have a very special private show. You distract me and put a mix of crushed Viagra and Sleeping pills into my drink. We toast to the last orgasm I'll have as a single male. Then you make me get naked and jerk off as you start stripping and teasing me until I get so woozy and aroused that you can lure me into tell you the combination to my safe. You also decide to make it much difficult for me to get married. You record me handling you the wedding rings for tomorrow's Big Day as I'm on my knees, naked, with a silly woozy face. As you promised to make me cum you have fun counting me down extra slowly just to see if I can resist long enough to cum before I fall s***p. It's up to you to decide. "