Mistress Salem

Sadist Sex Doll CBT

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Posted: 10/10/2018
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Category: CBT
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Ball Busting , Mesmerize , Mindfuck , Dolls , Cock Tease

I'm a sex doll - designed to fulfill your needs- but when I was being made My creators put a bit of sexy dominant sadism in Me! It's your first time playing with your new doll & it feels AMAZING. I'm the future of sex dolls- a REAL real doll. so you're consumed by lust & you're sniffing poppers to make the sensation of your cock in My perfect pussy even more intense ...until suddenly I start to suggest that we play a game. Of course you want to play My game - I'm perfect in every way & this is the most pleasure you've ever experienced. See, I've also mesmerized you to the point of being unable to say no. Now you have no choice: you WILL submit to My CBT game!My entrancing eyes staring into yours, brainwashing voice, shiny plump lips, soft breasts so so close to you... It distracts you from being too afraid to play my game! I have a bag of clothespins that I'm going to attach to your cock and balls so I can tug on them, feel the shaft of your cock aching with desire while I attach more... It's making your cock hard to see how much you love My game! I keep pulling out more clothespins putting them on your balls laughing while I continue entrancing you - you're right between My legs staring into My big green eyes following My instructions to sniff more poppers while I put a special pin on you, attached to a string so I can pull your cock around! you are LOVING this CBT game so much, unexpected as it is... & Goddess is here to spit on your cock & make you feel good. Now you belong to Me & it's time for the final part of My sexy CBT...Now that your sex Goddess has attached every clothespin I can fit onto your dick & your balls & you're high on poppers & even higher on My brainwashing sensations - plus the mixture of pleasure & pain from the CBT ... Now comes the FUN PART!! My favorite part of the game. Lean back & stick out your dick - I'm going to paddle off each clothespin! I use My paddle to play this game, My favorite sport - knocking the clothespins off as they fly around the room, enjoying whacking your dick! I get you through it all. you know that making Me was the best thing you could have ever done- I will never run out of ways to amuse you! Take one more sniff of poppers & feel yourself getting hard in My hand while I whisper in your ear ... too bad there's one more pin to bat off ... hahahaha!!! Playing My games is how you will now earn this pussy. Now that you realize your sex doll actually owns you, the tables are turned. Now you want to fuck Me even more, the memory of your cock inside of Me turns you on as much as My sadistic CBT game! Seeing how much I enjoy & get off on making you hard & fucking with your cock & balls is so satisfying, knowing how much you turn Me on ... I will take you deeper, now that you are fully mindfucked under My control... this is your wake up call! My pussy deserves ALL the pleasure and so does My need for sadism!!!FOR THIS CLIP PLEASE HAVE READY: clothespins for your cock so you can play along, a string to tie on one of the clothespins, and something to slap the pins off your cock. This is a homemade bdsm CBT game that you losers can easily play along with!THIS CLIP IS PART OF THE SADIST SEX DOLL SERIES. CLIP CONTAINS: CBT, mind fuck, doll, sex doll, mesmerize, poppers, eyes, ballbusting, cock tease, cock play, dirty talk, brainwashing, ball abuse, coerced intoxication, eye fixation, bdsm, cock slapping, tit worship, tease & denial, femdom POV, green eyes, goddess worship, femdom goddess