Ruin Your Orgasm For My Sweaty Socks

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Posted: 03/01/2019
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Lady Fyre

As soon as you see me in my workout clothes you already know that my feet are sweaty. That's what you think about when you see a woman in workout clothes, isn't it? You think, how sweaty are her feet? You wish you could sniff them and jerk off to them, isn't that right? 

Well today is your lucky day because I just finished working out and my feet are super sweaty and they're really stinky. And I'm going to give you permission to jerk off to them. Just look at my cute little socks, they fit my tiny feet perfectly. I'll bet you'd like to take a sniff. 

Jerk off to my sweaty, stinky cute socks. I know you can't resist. You really are pathetic. I can't believe my stinky socks turn you on. They make your cock so hard. Think about all the sweat on my feet and trapped in the fibers of my cotton socks as you jerk yourself silly. You just love jerking off to my sweaty socks, don't you?

I'll bet you're close to cumming already just thinking about the smell, about that delicious sweat. I'll bet you'd like to stick your tongue right between my toes and lick up all my sweat. That's it, jerk it faster. I want you to get right to the edge of orgasm. 

Keep jerking to my sweaty feet. You're such a freak for getting off to this. You get so worked up over this. I want you to get right to the edge and then I want you to stop touching that cock right as you're about to cum and let all of that cum dribble out of your cock. How does it feel to ruin that orgasm for my stinky socks? That's the price you have to pay for jerking off to my sweaty socks. I hope it was worth it.

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