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Rug Training! Double Domination Trampling with Miss Xi and the Contessa!

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Posted: 04/09/2018
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Category: Trampling
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Double Domination , Latex , Boot Domination

Double Trampling with the Contessa Aspasia and Miss Xi! RUG TRAINING

Two latex clad Femdom Goddesses gift a first trampling to a newb human floor, would-be rug in a dungeon.

Watch us walk all over him in tall black patent bitch boots. Two gorgeous Sadists reminding this sub how lucky they are to be our rug, getting flattened by our boots all over their back introducing them to their first trampling experience. They need a bit more work to be our welcome mat but I do wipe my boots on them, kick crud from the floor on to them and enjoy the sight of these shiny boots dominating our human floormat.

You'll see:

Trampling all over body and balls

Trampling front and back


Nipple Play

Ball Squishing

Double and Solo Trampling

Boot Indents in the Skin

Crud Wiping off of Boots

Being walked all over...

Close ups of Boots

Strong, sexy Legs

Shiny, gorgeous latex outfits

Dominant women laughing + Being amused

A quiet rug becoming a very vocal rug.


.. The slave works really hard to be the best rug for us, taking as much trampling as possible before they can't hold in their wimpers anymore. Can you imagine their view looking up at us? So lucky... Can you be our better rug? Time for a new one...


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