Mistress Rousson

Ruby Red Reprogramming

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Clip length: 00:15:58
Posted: 09/11/2017
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Category: Mesmerize
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Mindfuck , Femdom POV

The preview for this clip isn't fancy - it doesn't need to be. If you're serious about having your mind slowly fucked by Me, you'll purchase it.

Thought you were addicted before? Think again.

Today, I'm going to gently lead your brain down a path of association. From this moment onwards, you will associate the colour red with Me - Mistress Ruby Rousson.

How will I do this? First, I will put you into a relaxed state - quieten your mind, then I start to rewire your brain so you automatically think of Me when you see the colour red - you'll feel a need to please Me, serve Me, and spoil Me.

Not a clip for the faint at heart.