Kelle Martina

Ron's JOI Challenge

Price: $16.99
Clip length: 00:16:08
Posted: 01/15/2019
File size: 523.32 MB
Category: Masturbation Instruction
Secondary categories:
JOI , High Heels , Corset , Femdom POV

Name “Ron” included


I’m looking for a custom JOI video where you make me jerk off to your high heels. I really like stripper high heels, they are so sexy and a MASSIVE turn on for me. I also like to be challenged too, so instructing me to use a vibrating cock ring and lube would not only add to the turn on, but that while you’re showing me your sexy heels to jerk off too, would REALLY send me over the edge... I have in my head that you’d be saying things like “don’t you dare fucking cum Ron” sort of throughout the video, but laughing in a teasing / naughty way that makes it hard for me to resist... “oh do you wanna cum...? Well tough not yet!” That sort of thing...? Forcefully playful.


Let’s go for 15 minutes, and see how I last...? You could perhaps to multiple speeds of slow, medium, fast, super fast...? And we’ll I’ll let you decide how much lube or anything else you’d like me to use, but like I said, make it a challenge.