Romantic Rival

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Posted: 06/13/2017
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Category: BDSM

 “Romantic Rivals”

Starring Nickey Huntsman & Maddy O’Reilly


Maddy is a jealous girl. Just ask Nickey, her aching arms chained above her head, a prisoner in Maddy’s chamber of horrors. Frightened, she desperately pleads with Maddy, denying her accusations of trying to steal Maddy’s boyfriend. Both wear skimpy bikinis, exposing the girls’ sexy, young bodies. Unfortunately, it also leaves much of Nickey’s tender flesh vulnerable to Maddy’s cruel f******g, leather strips lashing painfully at the helpless girl. Maddy’s beautiful curves and playful taunting hide a soul filled with malice, displayed when she pulls off Nickey’s top, revealing her exceptional boobs, and pinches her stiff nipples, twisting them mercilessly. Walking off, Maddy prepares another torment for her captive, leaving Nickey all alone.

 The rack is next on the agenda. Nickey’s half-naked, slender body stretched painfully, causing her to writhe and squirm. Maddy, smiles as she pulls the crank which tightens Nickey’s bonds, a cloth gag, barely muffling her screams of agony. When she has been pulled to her limit, Maddy again leaves her there to suffer. Returning, Maddy seems to have a change of heart and begins to undo Nickey’s shackles, promising to let her go. Nickey, however, has nurtured a dark hatred for her tormentor and is determined to have her revenge.

 Once her arms are free, she grabs Maddy by the throat with both her hands and strangles her with an inhuman strength. Surprised by her victim’s sudden and savage attack, she is overpowered and throttled to unconsciousness. Upon awakening, she finds herself on the rack, her limbs stretched cruelly. Nickey taunts and teases, all while cranking poor Maddy tighter and tighter, a bitter rage simmering just under the surface of her sanity. Maddy has become a prisoner of her own dungeon, now helpless to avoid Nickey’s sadistic vengeance. 

 Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Bikini, Partial Nudity, Bondage, Arms Overhead, Gagged, F******g, Groping, Caressing, Nipple Twisting, Rack Stretched, Pleading, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

 Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

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