Kink 305

Robot Latina 3some

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Posted: 08/23/2018
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Katana Kombat and Alex Ace love to find new robot victims to have fun with. Today the husband and wife duo have their eyes on a very young and hot prize that is delivering their dinner! Lola Fae is going to have a very unexpected evening while making her deliveries after Alex makes her his robot Slave.

Lola comes to the door with their food and is asked to come in to get paid. Alex tricks Lola into using a special app to get her tip. The App turns her into a very submissive robot slave. Knowing his wife is upstairs waiting on Dinner and their playdate Alex tries her out first.

Alex takes his new robot and has her perform some basic functions before the main event. He has her take off her top so he can have some fun with her cute little belly button. Seeing how cute her little tits and very sexy nipples are he has a little fun with them as well. Time to get her naked an upstairs for his ever so eager wife, but he cant help but play with her very cute and tight little Ass

Finally Alex gets his new Robot upstairs to show his wife what a treat he has for her. They take turns playing with her tits before getting started with the fun times. Robot Lola and Alex now play with Katanas tits before ordering her to get down and eat some pussy! Lola complies like a good robot should and licks Katanas pussy up and down real good as she gets her pussy licked by Alex. They have a very nice little train going with some very good pussy eating! Katana even starts to reward him for such a good find in their new robot.

Now that Katana has really enjoyed playing with her robot she wants her hubby to have some fun too. She lays back and lets her hubby stick his rock hard cock into her pussy as she gets Lola to play with her huge tits. Now moving into doggie position she bounces her huge Latina ass back onto his cock until he fills her up and lets his cum drip right out of that nice cream pie.

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