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Posted: 05/12/2017
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Forced Orgasms

I'm an evil, manipulative, controlling ex-gf that you finally broke it off with and managed to stay away from...

Don't worry! This was all her idea. I'm here to help celebrate your anniversary. I've brought us some champagne for a toast to the two of you. 

Yours tastes odd? That's odd. Are you ok..? You look a little funny. And you're still stupid as ever.

Curious how you can't move or talk yet you have a raging hard on. Oh and I really think that new girl of yours is a stupid bitch. I set you up. She never figured you'd cheat on her but now I'm going to have proof. And a belly full of your spawn. She'll come home to find you on the bed, empty, with a big wet spot and a video to confirm her suspicions.