Kelle Martina

Resist the Urge Double

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Posted: 11/24/2018
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Category: Masturbation Instruction
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Double Domination , Forced Stripping , Strip Tease , Tease & Denial , Femdom POV

Minutes 1 – 4

You and Noel are standing side by side in front of me. You tell me that you came up with a way to make me cum the fastest yet by bringing Noel with you. And you dare me to try not to cum again, (playfully confident that I will fail). But you remind me that I have to me naked first and that you and Noel are going to have to take all my clothes off. You both come and unzip my jacket (love to hear the zipper sound) , hold it in front of me and then toss it away. Next you say you say you’re gonna have to take my shirt off now. You both remove my T shirt and playfully hold it up before you toss it aside. Next you both say you’re gonna have to take my pants off next, unzip them and pull them off before holding them up and tossing them away. Finally I am down to my underwear. You say you’re gonna have to take off my underwear now. You both take them off smiling, and then toss them away. Now that I am naked, you both dare me not to cum.

Minutes 4 – 8

(As last time, you'll both be removing an item a minute until you're both fully naked) First you both turn around giving me a great look at your butts as you both pull your shorts down at the same time. Now facing me again you both keep edging me on and teasing me, encouraging me to stroke and daring me not to cum. Facing me, both of you take off your tank tops at the same time, pulling them over your heads and tossing them away. You both continue teasing me and loving it. I'd like her to remove your bra first and toss it away. And then when that is done, I'd love you to remove Noel's and toss it away. You're both topless, just in panties continuing to edge me and loving it. Finally, still facing me you both slide your panties down at the same time.

Minutes 8 – 12

Both of you totally naked now continue teasing me and edging me, daring me not to cum and loving every minute of driving me crazy. At minute 11 I finally cum and both of you laugh (knowing I'd fail) And you both spend the last minute facing me, with your hands on your hips, smiling, saying how much I can't resist both of you and you know I would have to cum for you.