Miss Kelle Martina

Repressed Urges

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Clip length: 00:07:55
Posted: 07/13/2018
File size: 328.78 MB
Category: Bi-Sexual
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Lingerie , Femdom POV , Fetish Clothing

So, you’ve been trying to run away from these clips, haven’t you? You’ve been trying to watch straight porn. You’ve been trying to hook up with girls. Trying to claim once again that you are straight. Here’s something you need to know; I don’t care what you want, I own you and if I tell you to suck cock, that’s what you’re going to do. I don’t think you need to be near a women every again.

You’re going to be my little cock sucking faggot for life and that’s just how it is. Admit that you want this truly deep down inside anyway, but in the end it doesn’t matter what you want. What I want is for you to go gay; forever.

Strict bisexual encouragement

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