Luna Lain

Remote Control Chip - Luna Lain

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Clip length: 00:11:12
Posted: 03/23/2018
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Category: Female Training
Secondary categories:
Mesmerize , Hypno-Robo , Magic , Humiliation , Embarrassment

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Luna Lain's roommate invented an interface device that needs testing and insists that it is safe. Hesitantly, Luna wears it on her forehead but feels electrical currents pulsing through her brain before going limp. Her roommate fidgets with the remote and Luna awakens with a blank look on her face. She walks mindlessly to the window and more buttons are pressed until she starts dancing like a zombie.

Time for the classic humiliation of clucking and squawking like a chicken. In the spirit of science, the inventor wants to see how she feels coming out of her spell. Luna feels odd, but does not believe that she could lose control and that a little chip could have so much power.

There needs to be proof, so Luna is put back under and strips down to her white bra and cotton panties before putting on a different outfit. The mischievous Master makes her admit that she is in different clothing. Trying to cover her confusion, Luna still won't admit that anything is odd, so her owner orders her to walk outside in just her lingerie!

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