Ceara Lynch

Red Dress Latex JOI

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Clip length: 00:10:38
Posted: 06/18/2018
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Category: Masturbation Instruction

Today is a special day for my slave. For being such a good boy lately I’ve decided to feed you some very tasty salty treats. However, a reward from me doesn’t come without a little hard work from you. The treats you’ll be eating will be made by you. If you’re too stupid to understand what that means, maybe I’ll find a new slave who makes me happy. You see what would make me the happiest is watching my slave cum all over his face and licking it all those pearly drops from your drop. Suck those fingers like salty caramel lollipops. I bet you’re salivating at the thought. How lucky you are to jerk off for me and make me so happy by eating all that cum you squirt from that little cock. So, does my dirty cum slut want seconds?

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