Real Time Rinsing - Work For Me

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Posted: 01/02/2018
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Category: Financial Domination
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Goddess Worship , Femdom POV

So many of you like to think of yourselves as 'working for me', and it's true; you pay, I play. One of us has to go out there & put the hours in, get the timecard stamped, and it's not going to be me. But ultimately this idea of being a 'slave' for me is a fantasy - at the end of the day you decide how much of that paycheck comes my way, no matter how much you might think otherwise when gripped hard by your findom fetish. But what if, for just one day, you DID work for me? What if every single cent you earned came my way, in real time, in the most emasculating & powerful of my findom games to date? Your life will be ruled by the clock, your dick will be rock solid at work, and you'll probably have one of the most motivated days of work you've put in in a while. True power exchange. I'm not going to give away the exact way this will work, but you might be able to guess. Buy this & see if you want to play along (you will). Work for Goddess.