Ceara Lynch

Real Sex Stories

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Posted: 09/19/2017
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Category: Humiliation

My world revolves around sex. That’s what makes me such an experienced seductress. I know what men want and I know how to please them in so many ways. I could go on for days recalling all my ex lovers, but all those guys were just another easy fuck. I’ve been more into orgies lately actually. Really hot A-List ones with some colleagues of mine from the FemDom industry. In fact, I’ll tell you all about my most recent BIRTHDAY ORGY just to make you jealous! This life isn’t a fantasy, it’s my reality! I’m constantly surrounded by beautiful glamorous women with big tits and hot tasty pussies. So only the most privileged and endowed few get to fuck me and my collection of prima Domme women. Those that weren’t invited for the orgy, well, watch what we did to the sad pathetic loser who didn’t get fucked on my birthday. POOR GUY