Putty In My Hands

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Posted: 08/13/2017
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Category: Femdom POV
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Masturbation Instruction , Humiliation

Hey's me, your virtual girlfriend. I sure as hell know how to push your buttons just like one to get exactly what I want, don't I? Tonight you're in for a lot of erotic edging. So pull your cock out. Get hard in front of me. Show me what I do to you. Allow me to hit all of your sweet spots - flipping you off...sucking on my fingers as I dirty talk to you, teasing you mentally about how you settle for, and even enjoy, hearing about other men taking your Goddess from behind. You know it'll never be you, but you can't help but imagine. This is the trap you've fallen into, isn't it? This is love addiction. You've sexualized rejection and now you can't help but LOVE women who milk you for all you're worth - financially, emotionally, physically, but never EVER sexually. It's almost as if you've realized that the best you can ever hope for is to be USED and taken advantage of by hot women. You know it's happening, but you're powerless to resist. And I'm the best at it of all. You are literally putty in my hands. Just watch. Let me show you how mindfucked you are by a simple eye fuck, a flick of my hair, a lick of my lips. It's effortless. You're so easily manipulated.