Pushing Limits Poppers

Price: $11.99
Clip length: 00:10:32
Posted: 09/10/2017
File size: 422.86 MB
Category: Forced Intox
Secondary categories:
Mindfuck , Masturbation Instruction , Humiliation , Femdom POV

An intense mindfuck of an intox clip. Are you brave...or just fucking stupid, for begging for this? For paying me to fuck over your brain? It doesn't matter either way; it's not like you have any control over your cravings anymore, is it? You NEED this now. You're always aching for that next hit. So as long as you're here; let's play. HARD. Let me push you deeper than you've ever been before. More hits. Longer inhales, deeper breaths. Fill your lungs and beg for air. I'll be right here, making sure you comply. *Only for experienced poppers users*