Ceara Lynch

Punishing Pervy Uncle

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Clip length: 00:19:13
Posted: 04/18/2017
File size: 1.49 GB
Category: Blackmail Fantasy

I know it’s mean, but I can’t help taking advantage of a man who is obsessed with me. Especially when I found out my own uncle has a crush on me. I should’ve just ignored his innocent attraction, but I couldn’t resist seducing the poor old loser into jerking off for his hot n***e. He thought I was being sweet and caring, but I snap a photo of the pervert stroking away to me. I know he’d hate it if anyone in the f****y found out about his twisted secret, so I make my uncle humiliate himself for me even more. If he wants this creepy incident to stay between us, then I want you to smash your balls and hurt your cock for my enjoyment. Blackmailing someone can be very dirty work, but not as dirty as the looks you’ll get from the f****y for all those inappropriate thoughts of i****t.

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