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The premise would be you the nun and me the student. You'd approach me in my bed (or a seated scenario if necessary) and quietly wake me. You'd tell me that I'm one of the better students and I seem to live a sin free existence. Ask me how I like your outfit and ask me if I think you have a beautiful face and body (you could break it down to individual features if that works "do you like my breasts?"). You'd tell me that you wore this special sexy outfit just for me. Then eventually inform me that it was a test to see if I had any sinful thoughts. You could the make note of my bulge and say I failed the test, and that I was a sinner. Above you asked me if you had a beautiful ...this and that, now you could ask to confess if I wanted things. (" do you want to kiss me?..."confess, do you want to lick my breasts?".....ultimately leading to "confess do you want to fuck me?" Then a confession of your own that you have no intention of living a celibate life, and you want this and that from me. (you can name the activities as much as you want, I use "this and that" to shorten this email) Tell me how we can do all of the above but that you'll have to punish me for my sin (lusting after a nun) at the same time. You sort of mix the good with the bad. "were going to lock our lips together while I choke your sinful throat" ..."Our tongues will be entwined while I scratch your sinful back."...." I'll suck your cock while hold a lit cigarette against your evil buttocks" (evil buttocks lol) I'm very open to speaking of terrible punishments but please don't feel pressure to say anything you find distasteful. You can throw in face slapping, spanking etc along with all the sensual stuff. " I'll crush your Godless penis with a pair of pliers while I give you a HJ" . "I'll sink my teeth deep into your chest while you fuck me. Finally make me beg to live my sins with you and to be punished at the same time. Remind me that later I'll have to accept punishment for the sins of Goddess B too (we wouldn't expect you to suffer them yourself) The final words being " alright, pucker up and remember not to scream"

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