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Prisoner Ass Worship Tease and Denial POV

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Posted: 08/15/2018
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I drop by between slave t*******g to tease you with a short moment staring at my ass, talking about appreciation and gratitude.


** Ass-Focussed Worship **


You are tied to my wall in may dungeon, awaiting your attention, listening to the hum of the emptiness of the space and pondering your fate. I walk by en route to teasing a different slave and stop at you to give you a short lesson in ass appreciation and talk about beginner ass-related servitude.


Have gratitude for my attention, you’ve earned nothing yet, appreciate my catsuit and waist cincher, dream about being my human chair, think about working on your stamina as part of your journey to serve me better, your breath control to handle scissoring, how my ass slaves survive layers of torturous activities as my plaything for a glance such as this.


Play the video once as is to get the idea.

Play it a second time with the volume off and your balls tied up.

Play it a third time with more restrictions- no touching allowed!


Deny yourself. Retrain yourself for Me. Gain purpose and personal power through worshipping my ass. Dream of future smothering for good subs, bouncing, warm sweet air, the view from the floor.. imagine and feel denied and full of energy for Me.


Contessa Zoe Aspasia