Powerless Power Girl

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Posted: 01/12/2017
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“Powerless Power Girl”

Starring Marilyn Moore

Directed by JohnM

 Power Girl sits, hands tied behind her back and a gag in her mouth, anxiously awaiting her fate. Having her abilities nullified by red sun radiation, she is bound and helpless and at the mercy of a very evil man. He slaps her around for a bit, feeling a rush of power from beating the once mighty heroine. Power Girl tries to stay brave, defiantly telling him that she will never give up her secrets, but when he reveals to her that he doesn’t want any information, that he just wants to fuck her, her resolve crumbles. 

 He throws her over the back of a couch, her round, firm ass exposed and on display. Never has she felt so helpless, so humiliated, now just a plaything for this villain. Without warning, he thrusts into her dry, a tearing pain ripping through her and she begs him to stop. Her pleas just drive him on, fucking her harder and deeper than she has ever been fucked. At some point, her craven groveling becomes too annoying for the man to listen to and he knocks her out with a savage fist. She becomes a cock puppet to this man, as he pounds her pussy, rolling and pushing her around, inventing new sex position just to prolong her torment. Grabbing her head, he f****s his fat shaft down her throat, thinking to himself, “How’s your pussy taste on my cock, super bitch?” 

The brutal ordeal goes on and on, Power Girl’s Kryptonian cunt taking a beating as the man’s massive cock hammers her relentlessly, stretching her from the inside. Placing her flat on her back on a table, the man holds her by the throat while f***e feeding her his stiff meat and mauling her tits with his other hand. He continues to fuck her face, occasionally pulling out to let her breathe, only to stick his balls in her mouth. Still pinning her by the throat, he holds his dick with his other hand, aiming it right for her mouth and face as it spurts out thick globs of cum. She endures the vile taste, the hot sliminess that coats her lips and chin, slowing feeling the effects of the red sun radiation wear off. In a lightening fast motion, Power Girl tears the ropes that hold her and rips the man’s dick off. She stalks off to get something to wash the salty taste from her mouth, while the man writhes in pain of the floor. 

 Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Superheroine, Costumes, Big Tits, Violence, Bondage, Gag, Boots, F****d Sex, F****d BJ, Ball Licking, Begging, Peril, Cumshot, Body Play, Body Views. 

Note: Actresses are over 18 at the time of filming and the word "teen", "teenage", "young girl" is only meant to imply legal age characters regardless of audience interpretation.

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