Post-Xmas Gassy Fun

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Posted: 01/05/2017
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You know what it's like over the holidays, you eat, you drink, you eat some more, you wash it down with something bubbly, then stuff your face some more... All that good stuff can start to take its toll after a while, and it's no surprise that just after Christmas I found myself with a mega bloated belly and firing off gas from both ends! I'd really overdone it during the festive period and found myself uncomfortable and bloated like crazy, which made me desperately horny and desperate to cum. I squeezed and rubbed all the gas out of my tummy, farting loudly and repeatedly, then belching over and over until some of the discomfort went away, then I fetched the tools of the trade... my favourite gold vibrator and a big purple dildo... and got to work. I bounded on the bed, dildo up my pussy and vibe on my clit until I came hard and wildly, letting off a few more gaseous outbursts as the last of the wind was shaken from my gut.

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